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Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Last Day..

Today is my last day at my home sweet home..tomorrow i'll go to KL for staying temporarily at my pak su's house before i register at CFS IIUM PJ campus this Sunday (24th May 2009)..i wanna meet my grandpa first before i go there..

Actually i feel so sad to leave my home.. mama, abah, tv shows especially DETECTIVE CONAN and AQSO & MADINA and all everything hometown KELANTAN DARUL NAIM.. But when i'm thinking seriously i realise that my responsibility to find the knowledge.. i want to be a knowledgeable and successful person.. i want to redeem back my frustrated on my spm result lately.. so, i need to sacrifice everything..hahaha..Wake up Mimi!!!!! you have to be strong to face difficulties and hardships after more day-dreaming!! Stop thinking all ridiculous things!! Remember!!!!

Although today is my last day here, but i'm still not finished yet packing all my goods that need to bring along..hehehe..These are the things that i need to do and settle before i go..

1. complete all CFSIIUM's form
2. buy a new dictionary
3. punch all documents that are required
4. iron clothes
5. packing all the goods properly
6. don't forget X-Ray film, photos, all certificates..and last but not least my honey bunny laptop
must bring together..ahaa..

In a nutshell, when anything bad happens, remember that everything that ever happens to us has within it the seed for something better..

p/s: I think lots of grammatical mistake..i'm still learning how to improve my skill in English as

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