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Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Love U Eternal..........

Specially dedicated to all members of Group 52...thanx 4 everything that u have given 2 me..make me always happy n smile.. i know what is the meaning of cooperation when i was with u.. knowing that team work is important.. we have united by choral speaking..i'll keep our moment deeply in my heart n soul cz u're so special for me.. we have strongly bonded...highly appreciated to mdm nellia, mdm baljit n miss farhana cz always give us support...thanx 4 everything.. Damned Syaitan...Flying Without Wing..i wish that we can succeed in future in order to be an architect... May Allah bless our journey......I love u forever n ever.... -with luv: mimi-

Muhammad Faris Nor Hidayah Normimi Hartini Nabihah Nasrul Arif

Nadia Muhammad Azhar Muhammad Hanis Nor Aisyah Nor Atikah

Nor Azzahani Nor Addilah Muhamad Hasif Muhammad Nazim

Mardhiyatul Farahin Izzati Jasmin Hani Muhammad Saddam Hussein

Muhamad Azim Muhamad Amzar Hisyam Muhammad Syahir

Muhammad Khari Fazrin Muhamad Azim Muhamad Zakuan...

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