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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Important Upcoming Events...

The 1st half of this sem has been, it's reaching 2nd half semester...
there are new lecturers replacing miss aimi n bro haddi..
they are mdm haslinda n mdm sintia (sorry i don't know the spelling)..

this sem i've to focus on english..
LEM6012, MUET n EPT...
all english...

these are important dates n events which are just around the corner..
9th April 10 (tomorrow): MID SEM (LEM 6012) (reading & grammar)
24th April 10: MUET (listening, reading & writing)
25th April 10: FINAL EXAM (LEM 6012) (reading, writing n grammar)
3rd April 10: MUET (speaking)
4th April 10: EPT (listening & speaking)
5th April 10: EPT (reading, writing & grammar)

so, get ready mimi!!!
u must be well prepared
mentally n physically..
don't be stress..
forget all ridiculous things that might disturb ur focus..

be a critical thinker...
n a good reader 4 tomorrow onwards..
remember that nothing impossible in dis world..
just flip over it when there is an obstacle..

to all my frens those will be sitting the exams 4 tomorrow onwards,,
wish u best of luck n do ur best...
gambate kudasai!!!!!!

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